• Incoming Inspection of Turbine rotor
  • Repair works
  • Improvements
  • Life cycle evaluation
  • Spare parts
Receipt of rotor

MC2 Energy  Incoming Inspection of Turbine rotor

Receipt of rotor

Unloading of rotor in our workshop.

Incoming goods inspection and identification of supplied equipment.

Rotor assessment works

MC2 Energy  Initial inspection of turbine rotor

Rotor assessment works

  • Clearances of the blades before removal
  • Report the wear rate of the fir tree roots
  • Analyse the level of corrosion on the fir tree roots
  • Identification of defects found on compressor blading (FOD, Pitting, Rubbing)
  • Ultrasonic inspection of compressor and turbine tie-rods
  • Dimensional inspection 
  • Runout inspection of rotor on horizontal lathe
  • Unbalance verification on balancing machine HM70
Report and Recommendations

MC2 Energy  Initial inspection of turbine rotor

Report and Recommendations

This report will be submitted for approval prior to commencing any repair work.

It will entail our experts’ advice regarding the necessary scope of repair as well as suggested improvements on your equipment.

Resulting from the initial inspection we recommend either “minor” or “major” level of work.

We can provide you with our detailed repair offer upon request.

Comprehensive map

MC2 Energy  Comprehensive map

Minor Repair works

MC2 Energy Minor Repair works

The assessment report issued during the initial inspection determines the level of rotor repair.

Two specific levels of repair are possible, either “Minor” or “Major”.

Only the major repair level will require a second assessment phase.

“Minor” Repair works

Without de-stacking the rotor we can propose the following works :

  • Blending and polishing of the damaged blades profile
  • Fluorescent Inspection
  • Seal repair
  • Shaft journal repair
  • Correct excessive rocking of the turbine blades
  • Dynamic balancing of the rotor assembly
  • Final inspection
  • Packaging and long-term conservation.
  • Repair report writing and issuing
Major Repair works

MC2 Energy Major Repair works

“Major” Repair works

Assessment phase 2

  • Tilting the rotor in vertical position
  • Uncoupling of turbine and compressor rotor
  • Dimensional and run out inspection of compressor rotor
  • Unbalance verification of turbine rotor on balancing machine HM70
  • Dimensional and run out inspection of compressor rotor
  • Unbalance verification of compressor rotor on balancing machine HM70
  • De-stacking of compressor rotor
  • De-stacking of turbine rotor
  • Turbine and compressor rotor component inspection
  • Assessment report issued to client for approval prior to execution of major repair level of work

Repair works

  • MC2 Energy will proceed to replace the compressor blades in full or partially according to the assessment findings and recommendations by MC2 ENERGY.
    • Compressor rotor blading supplied by Stork Turbo Blading:
      • Latest design / Material “C450” equivalent to “GTD 450” or “403 Cb” an upgrade for “SS 403”.
      • Coatings “GECC1” equivalent or “Sermetel” “
    • With our latest technology equipment we are able to perform the following machining and adjustment operations:
      • Adjustment of the coupling faces and diameters of the rotor
      • Rotor journal bearing adjustment
      • Adjustment of the tip diameter of the compressor blades
      • Repair and restore balancing features on the rotor
        • Rotor turbine blades:
          • Material “INC 738-LC” or “EEQ-111” (GTD 111 equivalent).
          • Coating: HVOF “MCrALY” or “GT33”
          • Hardware and weight chart included
        • Complete supply of bolts:
          • Bolts and marriage bolts kit
          • Compressor and Turbine tie-rod kit
        • All the parts supplied by MC2 ENERGY are OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer” quality”
          • Our SCHENCK equipment :
            •  Dynamic balancing of a rotor assembly up to 80 tons
            • Équilibrage dynamique horizontal des Rotors Compresseur ou Turbine.
            • Dynamic horizontal balancing of compressor or turbine rotors.
          • Static vertical balancing of rotor components, compressor and turbine up to 4 tons.
          • With the balancing tolerances available from the original manufacturer we can guarantee a well-functioning rotor will be installed in your units. Our SCHENCK balancing machines, meet the ISO 2953 norms with a balancing sensibility of 0.5 grmm/kg.
          • Final inspection.
          • Packaging and long-term conservation.
          • Prepare and issue repair report. 

          Our quality of work is ensured while maintaining the agreed delivery time by our technical capabilities and our staff who will prepare our best offer and give their advice throughout the project. 

          Comprehensive map

          MC2 Energy  Comprehensive map

          Turbine section

          MC2 Energy Turbine improvments

          Turbine discs Frame 5/6/9

          A prolonged outage or stand still period of a gas turbine may cause abnormal occurrence of corrosion on the active and inactive faces of the fir tree root.

          After restarting the machine, rust will liberate and will behave like an abrasive material increasing the wear of critical areas.

          This will result in excessive clearance between a blade and its slot in the disc which could drive out the sealing pins, rupture the locking pin or breach of the turbine blade or fir tree root.

          Turbine blading clearance reduction

          Our repair procedure to reduce turbine blading clearance offers an interesting alternative for high cost replacement of a complete turbine row.

          Compressor section

          MC2 Energy Compressor improvments

          Compressor section

          The compressor part generally experiences the following problems:

          • Condensation
          • Saline air/ Chloride (corrosive environment)
          • Air with abrasive particles ( silica, dust etc…)

          This phenomenon will cause appearance of corrosion and erosion which consequently causes pitting and profile damage.

          Consequences for compressor blading :

          The combination « corrosive pitting and fatigue » linked to the operating cycles of the compressor (high vibration frequencies of the blades) weaken the compressor blades and increase the risk of a failure.

          Consequences for the compressor discs :

          Weakening of the discs, and clogging of rust in the inter-disc areas.

          Unbalance du to significant rust deposit.

          Compressor blading

          MC2 Energy provides advice on the configuration of the compressor blading replacement (rotor and stator).

          Examples :  type of material, type of coating, design.

          The compressor blades supplied by MC2 Energy are latest design which meet the OEM standards and market requirements.

          Compressor discs

          To increase rotor component lifetime we propose to apply a coating on the compressor disc areas which are prone to corrosion (web area, outer diameter, dovetail).

          MC2 Energy Life cycle evaluation

          Possible consequences of not respecting the repair procedures or life cycle evaluation of GE type rotors.

          In case of a major breakdown repair or life time assessment of GE rotor types the history of the rotor or partial assessment alone are not enough to determine whether the rotor should be put into operation or not.
          Inspection of particular major components of a GE type gas turbine rotor can only be executed under certain conditions.
          De-stacking will be necessary to reach well-defined areas and execute the following important inspections :

          Spare parts

          MC2 Energy Spare parts

          We recognize the importance of the quality of spare parts installed in your machines.

          The parts that we supply to you with the best lead time are latest design, meeting the requirements of your equipment.
          The design, the type of material or coating will have a major impact on the reliability of your machine.

          MC2 Energy proposes components most suitable for your machine.

          Second-hand rotor

          MC2 Energy Spare parts

          Second hand rotors available and guaranteed by MC2 ENERGY

          MS 5000
          MS 6000

          Other rotors on request (MS 3002/5002/9000).

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